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No need to spend money to travel around the Wenzhou! So many attractions for free ~
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The weather is getting colder and it is a good time to travel.So many good scenes at the doorstep can be enjoyed without spending money on tickets.I will introduce you some scenic spots worth visiting.

“Yuhai” in order to show that these collected books are "as precious as the jewelries, as vast as the sea".

鹿西岛  Luxi Island

There are only 14 islands in Dongtou Town that are inhabited with people for many years.

Luxi Island is one of them.

As an old fishing village,

the historical sites as bird Island, beacon tower built in the northern Song Dynasty,

450-year-old Qingfu Buddhist Temple

Dotanyan Geopark...

are waiting for your visit.

西湾  Xiwan Scenic Area

Xiwan Scenic Area, located in the southeast of Pingyang County,

was rated as a city-level scenic region in 1999.

It can be divided into five major scenic spots from south to north such as Tiaotou scenic spot, Tousha scenic spot, Xigucang scenic spot, Ersha scenic spot and Yangyushan Mountain scenic spot.

It is a seashore scenic area that is dominated by the landscapes of sea erosion, reefs and beach.

青街  Qingjie Township

Qingjie Township, a well-known “hometown of moso bamboo”,

has a more than three hundred years history of planting moso bamboos.

Qingjie Township of Ethnic Minority “She” is the only ethnic township in Pingyang County.

The township has a unique ethnic custom and the scenery of the bamboo sea is charming.

The house of Li clan and the house of Chi clan are provincial key cultural protection units.

飞云湖  Feiyun Lake

The Feiyun River was truncated and the lake was formed out of channels.

Feiyun Lake is the largest freshwater lake in southern Zhejiang.

It is accessible upward to Tonglingshan Mountain National Forest Park.

泰顺廊桥文化园  Taishun Lounge Bridge Cultural Park


Taishun Lounge Bridge Cultural Park

The park is characterized by two sister bridges - Xidong Bridge & Beijian Bridge called as “the most beautiful lounge bridge over the world”.

It highlights the "culture of lounge bridge"

showing the traditional folk customs of Taishun and the exquisite craftsmanship of the lounge bridge.