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No need to spend money to travel around the Wenzhou! So many attractions for free ~
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The weather is getting colder and it is a good time to travel.So many good scenes at the doorstep can be enjoyed without spending money on tickets.I will introduce you some scenic spots worth visiting.

It links Meixi Cultural Village of Yandang Mountain National Scenic Area in the east,

is adjacent to the middle part of Yandang Mountain Scenic Area in the west,

and connects the Nanxijiang River of Yongjia in the north.

It got famous for its unique mountain shape that looks like the font of "Lingshan",

There are scenic spots such as Longtai, Shuangqin, Lingshan Peak and Shuifei Valley in this area.

黄檀硐古村  Huangtandong Ancient Village

The ancient village of Huangtandong was built in the Baoqing period of the Song Dynasty.

After more than 700 years of wind and rain, it is still intact.

It is one of the few ancient villages in Zhejiang Province

that have not been harmed by urbanization.

Huangtandong Ancient Village was selected into the first batch of “Chinese Landscape Villages”.

with its unique landscapes of “ ancient village, flourish woods, beautiful water, peculiar stones and eccentric caves”.

乐清湾  Yueqing Bay

Yueqing Bay, called as the Golden Bay,

is a rare marine pasture at home and abroad.

Abounding in all kinds of fishes, shrimps, shellfishes, crabs,

it is one of the important marine aquaculture bases in China.

It has abundant wetland resources, a wide variety of waterfowl and migratory birds.

There are a lot of national second-class protected bird species here such as

herons, great egrets, wigeon, black-billed gulls, etc..

玉海楼  Yuhai Tower

Yuhai Tower, located in Daoyuanqian Street, Rui'an City, Zhejiang Province.

is one of the four largest bibliotheca towers in Zhejiang.

Now it is a national key cultural relics protection unit.

In the 15th year during reign of Emperor Guangxu of Qing Dynasty (1889),

It was created by the famous scholars of Ruian, Sun Yiyan and his son Sun Dai.

A large amount of ancient books had been collected and stored in this tower.

Because the founders admired Wang Yinglin, a famous scholar of the Southern Song Dynasty,

so the founders named this tower at that time with the name of Wang Yinglin’s monumental book