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No need to spend money to travel around the Wenzhou! So many attractions for free ~
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The weather is getting colder and it is a good time to travel.So many good scenes at the doorstep can be enjoyed without spending money on tickets.I will introduce you some scenic spots worth visiting.

is comprised of four scenic spots (Minqian spot, Minzhong spot, Minhou spot and Gudongyan spot)

and two enclave attractions (Xiabi Temple, Yu Qing Taist Abbey).

With its beautiful & amazing landscapes,

it always makes people forget to return.

大罗山  Daluoshan Mountain

Daluoshan Mountain, located in the southeast of Wenzhou City.

is composed of Xianyan Scenic Area, Yaoxi Scenic Area and Tianzhu Temple Scenic Spot

Chashan Mountain Scenic Area and Sancha River Network.

It is Known as "The Backyard of Wenzhou."

瑶溪风景区  Yaoxi Scenic Area

Yaoxi Scenic Area is famous for its unique feature-“ All brooks and stones here are shown in jade color”.

Enjoyed the reputation as the "Fairy & Wonderland",

it is divided into five scenic spots such as Jinzhong Waterfall and Yaoxiyu Stream and so on.

天柱风景区  Tianzhu Scenic Area

Tianzhu Scenic Area, located on the south bank of the entrance of Oujiang River,

the east of Daluoshan Mountain,

is famous for its ubiquitous & numerous historical sites and a large amount of humanity landscapes.

It is also lauded by people with its "peculiar peaks, eccentric stones, flying waterfall

crystal water and ancient temples".

永昌堡  Yongchang Fort

Yongchang Fort, a counter-Japanese Castle in the Ming Dynasty,

is built in 1558 ( the 37th year during the reign of Emperor Jiajing of Ming Dynasty).

It’s located in Yongchang Town, Longwan District, Wenzhou City.

The coastal areas of Wenzhou in the Ming Dynasty were frequently invaded by Japan army.

The counter-Japanese leader, Wang Pei  and his nephew Wang , Desacrificed themselves in a battle against invader.

In the aftermath of that battle, Wang Shugao and his brothers initiated the construction of this fort to fight against invader.

It is a national key cultural relics protection unit now.

灵山景区  Lingshan Mountain Scenic Area

Lingshan Mountain is located in Chengbei Township, Yueqing City.