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Viedo丨"Xiao Bafang" in a foreign anchor's camera lens
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Viedo丨"Xiao Bafang" in a foreign anchor's camera lens

"Music, art performances, food, good wine and tea, what you see here is not only shops in rows, but also a new way of life that Xiao Bafang is representing. No wonder this place has become a new fashionable landmark for Wenzhou's young people." Alexandra, the Russian anchor of Wenzhou Overseas Media Center ("Daka China·Hai’ou Community"), came to No.263 Xueyuan Middle Road, Lucheng District, checking out the “Xiao Bafang · Music Cultural & Creative District”.


The “Xiao Bafang · Music Cultural & Creative District”is Wenzhou’s first cultural & creative district with the theme of "music". It covers an area of about 7,300 square meters. Possessing the natural geographical advantage of Wenrui Canal, Xiao Bafang preserves the original architectural style of the old town. It establishes a music incubation base with the goal of creating a Wenzhou local music IP. The old “Ba Jie Qiao Residential Area” changes its face and becomes a "Downtown Shangri-La" that integrates music, catering, leisure & entertainment, accommodation and other types of businesses.


During the tour, Alexandra visits the 'Making Voice' music art exhibition in Xiao Bafang Art Space, enjoys the fun brought by vinyl music and cocktails in "The Lost Kitchen", and appreciates the city night view in the "Zui Ci Chu" terrace restaurant... Along the way, Xiao Bafang, which perfectly inherits the quaint ambiance of Wenzhou’s ancient lanes while releasing a new artistic vitality, makes Alexandra constantly surprised. In this music cultural & creative district, she sees the vitality, fashion and creativity of Wenzhou.