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Mauritian anchor Sumayyah meets Wuyang Village in Wencheng
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Mauritian anchor Sumayyah meets Wuyang Village in Wencheng

The Bowen’s Hometown is a fair place that produces outstanding people. There is a prosperous scenery in glamorous Wuyang Village.


This year marks the 710th anniversary of the birth of Liu Bowen, the founder of the Ming Dynasty. The Wuyang Village, Nantian Town, Wencheng County, Wenzhou is the hometown of Liu Bowen.


Recently, the lotus in Wuyang Village is in full bloom, attracting the attention of many tourists. Sumayyah, a foreign anchor from Mauritius, followed the film crew of the Wenzhou Overseas Media Center to explore the cultural scenery and special cuisine here. She was amazed by what she saw all the way.


According to reports, Wuyang Village used to be an enclosed small mountain village owing to the bad traffic. Liu Bowen’s Former Residence and Wuyang Academy also appeared to be dilapidated due to disrepair over the years. In 2014, through the construction of beautiful villages, Wuyang Village got a completely new look, and the cultural heritage that has been accumulated for more than 700 years has radiated new vitality.


During the video-shooting, Sumayyah checked out the lotus pond, Yulizi Corridor, Wuyang Academy, and Wuyang Qiaojiale Rural Hotel one after another, and tasted the Bowen Family Feast. As the Qixi Festival is approaching, she also experienced the making of the local Qixi food - Qiaoshi. Sumayyah said that she had been to Wencheng before, but she wasn’t aware that there is an intoxicating Wuyang hidden in this county. She would recommend the beautiful scenery and cultural landscape here to her friends at home and abroad, and ask them to explore Wuyang Village.