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Foreign Talents in Longwan ①丨Yuki Sato's Happy Weekend
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Foreign Talents in Longwan ①丨Yuki Sato's Happy Weekend

Longwan District is a key area for Wenzhou’s “Future Community”construction. In 2020, Longwan District brought in overseas and domestic 293 high-level talents, including 11 top and leading talents. Till now, Longwan has recruited the most PhDs. The number ranks first in Wenzhou. The series of videos titled with "Foreign Talents in Longwan" sponsored by the Publicity Department of CPC Longwan District Committee and produced by Wenzhou Overseas Media Center will be launched to show Longwan's great achievements in technology, life, culture and other aspects through the perspective of foreign talents. These videos will be broadcast through the bilingual media cluster of Wenzhou Overseas Media Center (“Daka China · Hai’ou Community”Operation Center). The first episode “Yuki Sato's Happy Weekend”we release today will take you to feel the happiness of Longwan.

In the video-shooting, Yuki Sato took the convenient and comfortable Wenzhou Rail Transit Line S1 to experience the colorful "15-minute Life Circle". At the Wenzhou Olympic Sports Center, he visited the venues of the Asian Games in advance. Afterwards, he came to the Longwan Library, enjoying its bookish atmosphere by participating in various cultural activities such as play chess, do paper-cutting, and practise calligraphy. Yuki Sato said that during the five years he has lived in Wenzhou, in his daily life, he has gradually understood what the "Happy Longwan" means. He even hopes to settle down here and witness a better Longwan in future.

In the follow-up videos, we will continue to take you to explore the path of high-quality development that Longwan has chosen from the perspective of foreigners.