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Foreign anchor touches intangible cultural heritages in Longgang
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Overseas communication group’s tour in Longgang | Foreign anchor touches intangible cultural heritages in Longgang

Recently, the film crew of WenzhouDaily's column "Young朋友in温州" led foreign anchor Jonny to Longgang for appreciating the traditional arts existed at the fingertips of craftsmen. "Longgang's intangible cultural heritages are so impressive, and they really make me feel the unique cultural charm of Wenzhou."Jonny exclaimed to the lens. In this tour, he visited the simple and elegant bodiless lacquerware, made the unique rice sculpture with his own hands, and experienced the exquisite paper-cutting art.


It is understood that the craftsmanship of Longgang's "He's Bodiless Lacquerware" has a history of more than 130 years, and the lacquerwares manufactured by this craftsmanship are not only colorful,but also as bright as a mirror. It has been included in the Zhejiang Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection List. During this tour, the foreign anchor Jonny followed the master Zhou Yuqin, the inheritor of craftsmanship of bodiless lacquerware, to visit the simple and elegant bodiless lacquerwares and learn the culture hidden in those lacquerwares.

(The bodiless lacquerware under Jonny's lens)

The second part of this tour is the rice-sculpture-making. Master Yang Jikun at the scene is a famous folk rice sculptor in Wenzhou. Rice sculpture is a comprehensive folk traditional art in Longgang. Every New Year's Eve, people use rice cakes to make human figures and animals, which are commonly known as "Cake figure." Master Yang Jikun is skilled and exquisite, and his rice sculpture works are so vivid and full of inner intelligence. During the video-shooting, Jonny was full of curiosities about this traditional folk craft and enthusiastically learned knowledge from the master. Kneading, pinching, carving, dressing...finally, he successfully made a lifelike "fish".