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Today, Wenzhou officially set foot in spring!
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Today, Wenzhou officially set foot in spring!

Wenzhou Municipal Meteorological Observatory announced:
It is expected from today (Feb.20),
the sliding average temperature of Wenzhou is greater than or equal to 10℃ for 5 consecutive days,
which means, in the sense of meteorology, Wenzhou officially set foot in spring! 

Tulip Exhibition in Maanchi Park  

    Photo by Yang Bingjie
Data shows that
In 2020, Wenzhou set foot in spring on Feb.20 as well!
In 2019,Wenzhou set foot in spring on Feb.26.

Celebrating Spring with Tea: Yongjia "Wuniuzao" Tea  

Photo by Yang Bingjie

It is expected that the sun will continue to "dominate the sky" today and tomorrow. 
Since February this year
Wenzhou temperature continues to keep high.
Affected by cold air on Feb. 17-19,
the temperature has dropped,
but its impact is over.
It is expected the weather will be clear today and tomorrow.
The day after tomorrow is cloudy to overcast, but there are some light rain.

The highest temperature during the day is 20-22℃.
The lowest temperature tomorrow morning is 8-10℃.
The weather temperature will rise significantly in the next 3 years.
The highest temperature will rise above 20℃.

Weekly Weather Forecast Map   

                                                                                                 Source: Wenzhou Weather Network

WenzhouDaily’s warm reminder:

There are still southward cold air affecting Wenzhou from time to time.

Don't be hasty to take off your warm clothes and thermal pants.

Wear more clothes as appropriate to avoid catching a cold.

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