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What You Need To Know About Applying For A New Visa To China
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Regarding the questions about applying new visa to China, Wenzhoudaily specifically calls the Foreign Affairs Office of Wenzhou Municipal People’s Government and is responded as follows.

What You Need To Know About 

Applying For A New Visa To China

The Chinese government has temporarily suspended the entry into China by foreigners holding visas or residence permits still valid from March 28

However, as the prevention and control of COVID-19 become regular, in order to further facilitate personnel exchanges, since August 10, 2020, foreign nationals in following 36 European countries are allowed to re-apply visa to China. And since August 22, 2020, foreign nationals in following 12 Asian countries are allowed to re-apply visa to China.

Recently, many foreign friends have consulted Wenzhoudaily on how foreigners can apply for new visas to China for free from our embassies and consulates abroad. And is it real that invitation letters issued by relevant domestic authorities are no longer required when they are re-applying the new visa

Regarding this question, Wenzhoudaily specifically calls the Foreign Affairs Office of Wenzhou Municipal People’s Government and is responded as follows:

Who can apply the new visa?

Foreigners who currently hold valid domestic legal documents (work visa, business visa, student visa, residence permits etc.) 

How does the application process work?

1.The corresponding domestic employer applies to the local commerce bureau or foreign affairs office, providing an application report detailing the reason for inviting the corresponding foreigner to China.     

2.The application is reviewed by the municipal department and then submitted to the provincial government.

3.The provincial government confirms and agrees after review.

4.After the foreigner obtains the permission statement, he/she can apply for a visa to China at the Chinese Embassy based in his/her country. In addition to the permission statement,