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Jiangxi Community- Millennium Happy Rui’an⑨丨A Young Bazaar-Seeker
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In order to publicize and implement the guiding principles of 20th CPC National Congress, in November 2022, the Publicity Department of CPC Rui'an Municipal Committee launched an activity titled "Qingxiang Community - Millennium Happy Rui’an", organizing 10 youth publicists to visit various places of Rui'an, talking with 10 youth entrepreneurs, and recording their entrepreneurial experiences in the form of videos. 


Recently, the new creative bazaars around Rui'an have attracted many people to come for visits.  Ni Enci, a bazaar planner, is busy travelling to and from these large and small bazaars. For every town or village, Ni Enci and his team always fully tap into and combine its local cultural characteristics to create an "Internet-famous bazaar". In this video, youth publicist Wu Jiarui follows Ni Enci to the Zhailiao Qingkong Camp, experiencing the different youthful vitality.