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A visit to the venue connecting football and Asian Games
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Ali, a foreign anchor form Turkmenistan and a member of "Hai’Ou Community", amazes everybody with his excellent football skills. Ali has a deep feeling with football since he started football as he was six years old. Today, he visits Wenzhou Sports Center Stadium where the football group stage of Hangzhou Asian Games will be hosted. Let's follow Ali to take a look at this intelligent and modern football field.


The renovated stadium is more in tune with the needs of daily use, facilitating spectators to watch football matches. The large screen allows the spectators, no matter where they sit, not to miss any exciting moment in the match. The "giant" lifting light poles could not only take care of the public's lighting requirements for night exercise, but also solve the safety hazards that may be caused by extreme weathers. In addition, the renovation fully implements the concept of “Green, Intelligent, Economical”. This project was carried out on the basis of the original reconstruction, providing professional supports and more functional spaces for the Asian Games while saving a lot of costs.


Ali is totally surprised by the intelligent football field. According to introduction, 18 sensors are installed beneath football field lawn to collect soil data. Then the collected data is uploaded to the cloud platform. The clerks could view the data by using mobile phones, computers and other terminal equipment. By virtue of these high-tech means, the lawn is taken care in an intelligent way.


"Today is my first time to experience a professional football field with international standards. I’m looking forward to seeing the football teams from Asian countries to have a good football match on this field. I will cheer for them!" Ali said.