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Wenzhou Noodles Selected In Book " National Noodles"
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Recently, the book "Guotai Min'an and National Noodles" organized and edited by the Publicity and Education Bureau of the Central Publicity Department was published by People's Publishing House.

3 Kinds Of Wenzhou Noodles Selected In Book

 " National Noodles"

Recently, the book "Guotai Min'an and National Noodles" organized and edited by the Publicity and Education Bureau of the Central Publicity Department was published by People's Publishing House.

The 3 special noodles recommended by Wenzhou - Qingjiang Sanxian NoodlesWenzhou Suo Noodle Soup and Dongmen Shrimp Noodles, are included into the book.

These special pasta food with strong local characteristics are not only Wenzhou's business card, but also carry Wenzhou's culture to the whole world.

Let's follow the book to appreciate these 3 Wenzhou-style noodles together!

Qingjiang Sanxian Noodles

Qingjiang Sanxian Noodles, which have been included in Wenzhou's intangible cultural heritage list, are the most representative pasta food in Wenzhou. 

The typical characteristic of sanxian noodles is the "extreme freshness".  The fleshes of yellow croaker are smooth, tight and tender, which just melt in the mouth. The shredded ginger slices, which are slightly spicy, can warm the stomach and resist the coldness of seafood. Especially the hot soup is particularly delicious.

Wenzhou Suo Noodle Soup

Suo noodles, also known as Sha noodles, are a special kind of noodles in Wenzhou. Suo noodles, which are nutritious and easy to digest, are a favorite food for people in southern Zhejiang. Especially they are widely served on feasts and banquets held for celebrating the birthdays of old people and kids. Furthermore, they can drive away the cold, and have efficacies of stomach-nourishing and beautifying.

The biggest characteristic of Suo noodles is "more soup and less noodles" with clear and fresh tastes. When cooked, they are crystal clear and smooth. Accompanied by clear soup, added with yellow wine, and seasoned with shiitake mushrooms