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The Marvelous Wenzhou Colored-stone Mosaic
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In Wenzhou, there is a marvelous “Midas Touch” with a history of more than 400 years, which is called “Wenzhou Colored-stone Mosaic”. It requires craftsmen to select appropriate stones as per different themes and color requirements, then shape these stones into a picture. In June 2008, "Wenzhou Colored-stone Mosaic" was added into the list of the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage. In this video, foreign anchor Halil brings us to appreciate this unique intangible cultural heritage.


Colored-stone Mosaic is an artwork created by taking natural pyrophyllites as raw materials, then processing them into pre-designed patterns and inlaying finished patterns onto mahogany or camphor wood. To complete such a piece of artwork, craftsmen have to go through a total of 15 processing steps such as tone-collecting, stone-cutting, pattern-designing, carpentering, painting, colour-matching, shaping, splicing, carving and gluing .......


After this visit, Khalil exclaimed, "The inheritors of Colored-stone Mosaic are not only polishing the stones in their hands, but also crafting their life. I hope this marvelous intangible cultural heritage could be seen by more people."