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Video │ British anchor Alex shows you "authentic Wenzhou snacks"- Yongjia Wheat Cake
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the British anchor Alex learned how to make wheat cake

"Nibble Yongjia wheat cakes while climbing Yongjia’s mountain ridges." I believe many people have heard the old saying about Yongjia wheat cakes. In this episode, the British anchor Alex came to the new-reopened Gongyuan Road in downtown Wenzhou, walked into a Yongjia wheat cake shop called "Climbing Mountain Ridge", and learned how to make wheat cakes with the chef in the shop.




Yongjia wheat cake has a long history and is a local specialty food in Yongjia County, Zhejiang Province. It is a must-try snack when visiting Yongjia. Alex said that he had eaten wheat cake in Wenzhou many times. He thought this spack should be called as "Chinese pizza". And it was the first time to make one by himself. "It really is the best wheat cake I have ever eaten." Alex gave a thumbs up during the video-shooting.


In addition to being released on the WeChat public account WenzhouDaily, the bilingual series food video programs "Eat all the delicacies in Wenzhou" will also be launched on the short video account "young朋友in温州" in major short video platforms. We look forward to your continued attention.


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