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Foreign anchors enjoy the Qingdeng Bazaar
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Recently, a "literary and artistic style" bazaar was opened at the Qingdeng Museum in Ouhai District, Wenzhou. 400 stall owners from all over the country gathered here. More than 20 themed events were held there. Tourists and participants showed up in an endless stream.
                                                                Foreign anchors enjoy the Qingdeng Bazaar

Recently, a "literary and artistic style" bazaar was opened at the Qingdeng Museum in Ouhai District, Wenzhou. 400 stall owners from all over the country gathered here. More than 20 themed events were held there. Tourists and participants showed up in an endless stream

The foreign anchor from Wenzhou Overseas Communication Group will show you the lively atmosphere of the bazaar through the lens.

The 2 anchors appearing in the lends are Margarita from Colombia and Mohammad Noman from India. Both of them are foreign teachers from Wenzhou Kean UniversityThey just came to China and now are full of curiosity about everything in China.

Noman said that he wants to come out to learn and experience more unique Chinese culture in his spare time. They heard that there is a very interesting cultural event in Ouhai Qingdeng Museum, so they signed up to join our overseas communication group.

Left:Margarita    Right:Noman

During the event, the exquisite teapotssculptures and paintingsattracted the attention of 2 foreign anchors. Noman also developed a keen interest in Chinese tea art and tasted a variety of teas. 

Noman and Margarita said that this event made them feel the charm of Chinese culture in an up-close way for the first time. These artifacts are so beautiful. They will continue to participate in such events in the future to learn more about Chinese culture.

Margarita is admiring Chinese fans

Margarita is tasting tea

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