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Social Media Influencers │ Let’s "Daka China" in Wenzhou!
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More than 40 social media influencers from nearly 20 countries participated in this “DAKA China” International Internet Communication Event.
Social Media Influencers│Let's “Daka China in Wenzhou

"Daka China, I love Wenzhou!" The well-known social media influencers from all over the world expressed their loves to China and Wenzhou in unison on the ancient Lishui Street. The 3-day (11.19-11.21) Wenzhou trip has been put an end.

More than 40 social media influencers from nearly 20 countries participated in this International Internet Communication Event. They have visited Wenzhou Wuma Historical & Cultural District (Meeting·Wuma Livestreaming Studio), Nantang Fengmao Street, Wenzhou Overseas Media Center, The International Communication & Social Media Influencer Center of Wenzhou City, Wenzhou "City Brain", Kean University’s Internet Cultural Homeland, Red Dragonfly Group’s Chinese Shoes Culture Museum, Yongjia Lishui Street and other places successively, using the various social media platforms to spread Wenzhou's wonderful stories to the whole world.

In addition, DiploMaga Pakistani magazine focusing on diplomacy and public affairs, also featured the event on the front page.

The"Seductive Nightlife" in Wenzhou

Wenzhou Wuma Historical & Cultural District(Meeting·Wuma Livestreaming Studio)
On the evening of Nov. 19, the Social Media Influencers Group came to the Wuma Historic District to feel the charm of the ancient city, and experience the seductive nightlife in Wenzhou. They couldn't help but give their thumbs up.

The guests also visited Wenzhou’s "Meeting·Wuma Livestreaming Studio”that was built this year. According to reports, the livestreaming studio holds 2 internet live streaming activities every weekinviting "foreign anchors"local inheritors of intangible cultural heritage and private entrepreneurs