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Overseas Chinese Youthtalk④|Tang Lina: Winning the future with "Digital Economy"
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Editor's Note:

Here are the overseas Chinese youths’ great patriotic enthusiasm, here are the personal entrepreneurial experiences of outstanding ‘overseas returnees’, and here you can listen to the most sincere inner voice of the second generation of overseas Chinese. ...... From today, ‘Overseas Chinese Youthtalk’, a new bilingual video program which is produced by Lucheng District Returned Overseas Chinese Federation and Wenzhou Overseas Media Center, is officially released through the domestic and overseas media one after another. This video program selects the representative young overseas Chinese to tell their different life stories in the form of character interviews. At the same time, it is also hoped that these excellent young overseas Chinese could make friends through this program, further stimulating their enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship!


Character Profile:


Tang Lina, graduated from the University of Hull in the UK with a Bachelor's and Master's Degree, returned to China in 2014. She founded Dingtang Culture Co. Ltd, Hangzhou Hongtang Brand Management Co. Ltd, and Hangzhou Fansi Digital Technology Co.,Ltd successively. The Fansi Company, which is mainly engaged in the operation service of "Digital Intellectual Property" (Digital IP), has become a leading digital IP operation service provider in the Web3.0 era in China, providing fast and effective IP digital asset solutions for new consumer brands and local cultural tourism departments.      


As an entrepreneurial returnee, she hopes to create and distribute digital assets for Wenzhou’s tourism resources and traditional intangible cultural heritage, helping the upgrading of Wenzhou's traditional culture and facilitating new industrial reform.