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Chinese and foreign volunteers care for autistic patients
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In order to gather more love, make more people understand and care for autistic groups, from March 3, a volunteer team, which comprised the Red Thirteen Love Society, Wenzhou Overseas Media Center (international students from Wenzhou Medical University, Wenzhou University) and Junior Love Group of Oujiang Primary School, went to Lucheng and Yongjia to carry out a 3-day "Unrelenting Love" Volunteer Service Activity jointly with the "Yi Xin Niang" Charity Group.


On the first day of the activity, the volunteers were arranged to learn the  autism-related knowledge. After the training, they worked together to make  cakes, apply cream, and prepare fruits. ...... Hera, an international volunteer from Pakistan and an international student at Wenzhou Medical University, said, "I couldn't help but cry for autistic patients. Only by getting closer to them can we understand how difficult their lives are!. It’s lucky for me to have this rare opportunity to reach out to them."


The purpose of the "Unrelenting Love" Volunteer Service Activity is to build a bridge of communication and understanding between autistic patients and the public, and to promote the whole society to pay attention to and support the rehabilitation of autistic patients. It is worth mentioning that several international volunteers from Wenzhou Overseas Media Centre joined this activity. Since 2018, this team has successively organized more than 500 foreigners to participate in various volunteer activities, an important role in promoting Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges and improving Wenzhou's internationalization level. This was the first cooperation between the international volunteer team and the Red Thirteen Love Society, in which Chinese and foreign volunteers are fully committed to participate, creating a new model of volunteer services.