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The Ancient Celebrities-Guo Pu
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To memorize the brilliant contribution made by Guo Pu to build up this city, Wenzhou people rename Xikuo Mountain (Xibu Mountain) he climbed as Guogong Mountain and set up the Guogong Ancestral Temple at the foot of the mountain.

 Guo Pu (276-324),is a famous scholar and litterateur with extensive knowledge of ancient articles and weird words in Jin Dynasty(265-420), whose Ci poetrywas rated as the best onein Eastern Jin Dynasty(370-420). Because he loved the five elements, divination, Yin and Yang and calendar, and the calculation results most times were accurate and correct,his achievement of literature was almost covered by that of mathematics.
Guo Pu climbed up to the summit of Xikuo Mountain, Wenzhou to look over the terrain at that time. Seeing nine mountains arranged in a circle, like a big dipper, he found it’s a good place to build a county town with a strategically important terrain. among which Huagai, Songtai, Haitan and Xiguo Mountains were like "Dou Kui" (the first four stars) of the big dipper; Jigu, Xunji and Renwang Mountains were like "Dou Gou"; While Huangtu, Lingguan Mountains were used toassist fore-mentioned seven mountains. Therefore, he proposed to build the city across the mountains. Based on the layout of "nine mountains encircling and water crossing the city", Guo Pu built up the city across the mountains and made water across roads. There were nine mountains and three ponds within the city;while outside the city, Oujiang River was like a belthugging the city, the outstanding design making then Wenzhou become famous outside at that time. Besides, he designed and dug 28 wells within Wenzhou, to correspond with the lunar mansions in the sky, deal with the water supply within Wenzhou and adaptto the wartime needs. Until now, there are several wells existing here, among which the "Tielanjing" is the most famous one. There are five ponds within the city (The east is Fugui Pond, the south is Yan Pond, the west is Huanxi Pond, the north is Liaobo Pond and the middle is Binghu Pond) matching with the Five Elements (the fundamental components of the universe in the ancient Chinese's minds, which are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water), to prevent damage from the deluge," said Guo Pu. The ponds connected with rivers, flowing into the Oujiang River. The city would not be damaged by the flood even if meeting the extremely heavy rain.
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