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A South African girl flying a kite
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Though it is early summer, we can still see some adults and children flying beautiful kites in Wenzhou's parks or on the roads beside the Oujiang River ...

In this episode, we pointed our lens at the South African girl Michaela who loves Wenzhou kite so much.

Liu Lijian, who is the fourth generation of Wenzhou Liu's kite, taught Michaela how to make and fly kites. Liu's kites have been in Wenzhou for more than 100 years. In the long period of time, the Liu's family brought blessings and joys to people through totems of their kites. They also participated in various contests at home and abroad, won numerous honors and built reputation in kite industry.

In this episode, Michaela followed Mr. Liu to finish the steps of building the kite frame, pasting the kite paper, and adding the decorative painting, then finally produced a traditional Chinese "fish" kite. Michaela told us that this is her first time to make a kite by herself. This experience is very unique. She looks forward to learning more traditional Chinese culture.